“I BELIEVE strong communities are built around strong women and bicycling slows things down a bit, allowing us to appreciate our community, nature, and our true selves. When we unite our actions bring about positive change and as we learn new skills our courage and strength are brought to new heights uncovering what we thought impossible.”

~ Cindy Petted




Cindy Petted wants girls and women to enjoy bicycling as much as she does. That’s why she started Wisconsin Women Cycling. As chief sojourner, Cindy gives them the chance to learn everything about bicycling in a fun, non-threatening environment.


She encourages and helps females to do everything the guys do – because they can! From fixing bikes and troubleshooting dropped chains and flat tires to building skills like hill climbing, drafting and riding as a group, it’s all stuff that many girls and women just aren’t completely comfortable with, either because the guys always jump in and “help,” or they feel intimidated by their lack of experience.


“I’m just an average person with 50 years of biking experience,” Cindy says. “Whether on the road or off-road, if you want to learn how to ride a bicycle or improve your skills, I can help you do that.” Read more…