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You don’t have to be a cyclist to belong to the WWCycling Club, but it’s fun to!
You only need the passion to inspire girls and women to realize their potential.

WWCycling Club members find fun in making healthy choices and helping others do the same. If that sounds like you, Join Us!

WWCycling Club

We are sponsored by Wisconsin Women Cycling, whose mission is helping girls and women set and achieve obtainable goals in an environment where one will not be judged.

Yes, I received your texts! Last night’s ride was awesome, really looking forward to getting out on that route this weekend. Thanks for all your tips, I feel like I am improving.”

– Jeannette Springer

WWCycling Club’s mission is to inspire Girls and Women to make healthy choices, on and off the bike. Because we are dedicated to growing the sport of women cycling and empowering women along the way, we organize and participate in events and activities that promote health and fitness, education, philanthropy and building community.

It’s not always about biking. Though healthy activities and positive role models are important, it’s about the self-esteem achieved when a girl or woman realizes she can do it.

We’ve partnered with groups like Be3, the Ozaukee Bike Club (OBC), Bike Ozaukee, Tour d’ Friends , Wisconsin Bike Fed, League of American Bicyclists and CyclingSavvy to round the needs of our members and develop cycling and leadership skills. We hold training clinics and group rides for females 16 years and older, and skills training for youth, regardless of skill level. Our activities are designed for girls and women to meet other cyclists, gain skills and confidence, work toward a cycling goal or just for fun and adventure.

In all, we aim to educate on the benefits of cycling and inspire girls and women to make healthy choices, on and off their bike.

  • We organize and lead guided bicycle rides to give you the opportunity to meet other riders and experience new cycling adventures.
  • We host and volunteer at the youth cycling program Kids Gearing Up.
  • We create and teach educational workshops where you learn how to ride a bicycle, maintain your equipment, navigate country roads & city streets, and teach you ways to incorporate cycling into your lifestyle.
  • We follow up with you to ensure you’re having positive experiences.
  • At times, we offer one-on-one consultations to help you find solutions that best fit your cycling style and budget. These services are free of charge and may include helping you select a bicycle to purchase, repair shop information, finding products and services to meet your needs, or demonstrating how to ride safely and confidently.
  • In addition, we are involved in a some grassroots and community initiatives, including educating on the benefits of cycling.
  • We’ve been known to volunteer at or fundraise for causes important to our members, and we always promote local businesses and community agencies.

Group Rides & Training

If you or someone you know is interested in riding with other women or to get in training, outdoor group rides start up in the spring. As for winter/off-season training, indoor training usually starts in late October or early November.


The pace & route is dictated by those interested. These are destination, no-drop group rides on urban trails or bike-friendly roadways.


<7 mph, no-drop group ride (sometimes 1-on-1). Unstructured, slow-roll on urban trails or bike-friendly roadways.


8-13 mph, no-drop group ride learning group-riding skills.


12-15 mph, no-drop on moderate to hilly roads learning or honing group-riding skills.


4-20 mph, no-drop. Paceline and drafting on moderate to hilly roads


20+ mph average over a 20-40 mile route. Paceline and drafting of moderate to hilly roadways

NOTE: All riders must bring water bottle, flat-pack, lights, a fitted & tuned bike and gear. All rider must wear a properly fitted helmet and obey the rules of the road.

Start your cycling season at the 4th Annual Cindyrella Classic. There are two rides to choose from.

Mother’s Day Saturday, May 11th, 2019 – West Bend, WI
Mother’s Day Sunday, May 12th, 2019 – Cedarburg, WI

Open to the public, the Cindyrella Classic is a fun ride. Women and girls have the opportunity to meet others who like to ride and to set a goal for a distance at the Wisconsin Women Century in late July. Children under 16 ride free and can dress in the traditional tutu or super hero costume. In the weeks immediately following, we hold group rides for fun and to train. For the next 10 – 12 weeks Club Members ride Mon & Wed night so you can feel confident when you roll up to the start line at the Wisconsin Women Century. There are some hills training rides also set up. Guests are welcome to give us a try. See below for details.

Held in the Spring, female and male participants can learn safe cycling skills for our Club and Community, including the art of leading, or sweeping, a group ride.

We completed the first round of League of American Bicyclists LCI training (TS101/Safe Cycling) in Milwaukee on April 28, 2018.

Pictured here are club members Gail Baumer, Brian Petted, and Cindy Petted, with participant Eugene Schultz (Madison) and instructor, Jessica Wineberg of the Wisconsin Bike Fed (Milwaukee).

The LCI Seminar was hosted by WWCycling Club in Grafton on June 8-10, 2018. Brian Petted & Cindy Petted are among the 7 signed up and completed this training.


We completed the first round of Cycling Savvy training in St Louis, MO on May 4-6, 2018. Follow us on Facebook for more on these events.

Pictured here are club members Brian Petted, Cindy Petted, Donna Pelkey, Sandra Mapes and Rick Mapes, along with other participants, Tom (AZ) & Brian (IL) and instructors Katherine Tynan (MO) & Jacob Adams (FL)

Cycling Savvy Instructor training will be held in February 2019.



In 2018, Club members Cindy Petted and Brian Petted became a Level 1 NICA Coach (National Interscholastic Cycling Association) and will be coaching for the Ozaukee County Conglomerate Team & the Cedarburg School District Team.

In 2019, they completed their NICA certified CPR & First Aid training. The first steps toward gaining their Level 2 coaching status.

Since start locations alter from week to week follow us on Facebook to follow along with the schedule. Become a member and you’ll be added to the TEAM SNAP, including automated reminders of events and other communications.

Generally, we ride out together, the faster group takes a longer loop and catches up with the more casual group(s). Then we all ride in together. Based on interest, we tailor each group ride to best fit the needs of who shows up at each ride.

Monday Night Women-Only Ride – Beginner, Casual and Intermediate groups
Wednesday Night Co-ed Group Ride – Casual, Intermediate and Brisk groups

What: Fun and training rides – For Youth and Adult Ladies

When: The times listed below are the START time. We ask you arrive 15 – 30 minutes earlier so you don’t feel rushed as we roll-out. 6:00 PM, May – September 5:30 PM in late September and into October

Where: Locations rotate for the week depending on when in the month the Wednesday falls.

Cedarburg on 1st & 3rd Wednesday of the month, Start/Finish is at the Wisconsin Women Cycling Studio parking lot – W65 N630 Saint John Ave, Cedarburg, WI 53012

Grafton on 2nd & 4th Wednesday of the month – Start/Finish at Veteran’s Park shelter – 1000 13th Avenue, Grafton, WI 53024

TBD if there is a 5th Wednesday in that month

2019 Monday & Wednesday Location
May 13 & 15 Cedarburg
May 20 & 22 Grafton
May 27 & 29 TBD
June 3& 5 Cedarburg
June 10 & 12 Grafton
June 17 & 19 Cedarburg
June 24 & 26 Grafton
July 1 & 3 (& 4th) Cedarburg (& Cedarburg Parade)
July 8 & 10 Grafton
July 15 & 17 Cedarburg
July 22 & 24 Grafton
Sat & Sun July 27 & 28 Wisconsin Women Century & Holy Hill Hundo
July 29 & 31 TBD
Aug 5 & 7 Cedarburg
Aug 12 & 14 Grafton
Aug 19 & 21  
Aug 26 & 28 Grafton
Sept 3 & 4 Cedarburg (Tue & Wed. The 2nd is Labor Day, enjoy!)
Sept 7, 8 & 9 Door County Century Club Getaway (Sat – Mon)
Sept 19& 11 Grafton
Sept 16 & 18 Cedarburg
Sept 23 & 25 Grafton
Sept 30 & Oct 2 Cedarburg

Tuesday Morning – Women’s hills ride starting at Northwoods Laser & Embroidery, twice a month we roll out at 6:00am for a 17 or 22 mile ride

Hills Training – Each are 3 to 4 hour training rides on different parts of the Wisconsin Women Century 65, 85 or 105-mile routes. Follow us on Facebook for start location and times. Tentetive 2019 dates are Sunday May 26th, Satuday June 15th & Saturday July 13th

Join the Club and get reminders of local and weekend rides we take part in. With 5 distances to choose from, the Wisconsin Women Century is our target ride.

Destination Rides

Thursday 6:00 PM – Bi-monthy 1-2 hours long ride. Meet-up location is at Riverview Inn. Routes and distance are dictated by those interested.

Saturday or Sunday 7:00 AM – SOCIAL to Intermediate 2+ hours long ride, dictated by those interested.

Mountain Bike Riding

Beginner and Intermediate encouraged Check here for trail conditions

Thursday Evenings – Pleasant Valley Nature Park

When: 6:00 PM, May – June (or later, depending on the NICA/High School MTB group’s needs/schedule)

Fat Bike Riding

Monday nights on the beaches in Port Washington with the ZuZu Pedal group.


5:30 PM Tuesdays August thru September at either

Lime Kiln Park (Grafton) – Sponsored by Belgiamwerkx Riding Club
Royal Oaks Park (West Bend) – Sponsored by Pedal Moraine Riding Club
Racing – So much fun! All skill levels offered during the WCA Cyclocross Race Series – Late Aug – December

Winter Riding

Rampage Santa Ride

MKE – check their FaceBook Page

Madison – check their FaceBook Page

Global Fat Bike Day – 1st Weekend in December

Fat-Bike race series… most races have a beginner lap for those who want to give it a try. Some offer fat-bike rentals. Check out these local races; Great Lake Fat Bike Series, Wheel & Sprocket’s Hugh Jass Fat-Bike Race Series or Broken Spokes’ Snow Crown Series.

More about Trails, Events and Rentals can be found at this Travel Wisconsin website too.


Overnight or multi-day rides on Singletrack, Gravel or Dirt roads using a Touring, Mountain or Fat bike. Adventures like this are awesome. Check out this one in Wisconsin!

Ad-hoc Rides

Tell us about your rides. Send an email with 1) Who you are, 2) Where you’d like us to ride in Wisconsin and 3) Why. Suggest your favorite route or your favorite organized event. Either way, we’re always looking for an adventure!

Other than our Group Rides & Hills Training Rides, the schedules below are tentative for 2018 and though we do many one-on-one training rides, they will primary be based on interest. Our focus is to help you enjoy cycling, including those looking to make, plan and achieve a cycling goal in 2018 and beyond.

Check back here for updates and follow us on Facebook for meet-up details.

Besides the fact that bike riding is Fun and Freeing, we like to educate on its Health benefits too. There are hundreds, but here’s a few.

Mental Health

Moderate levels of exercise are now a primary prescription to those suffering from depression or high levels of stress, as the natural production of endorphins and their absorption are both greatly improved by cardiovascular exercise (University of Bonn). In some cases, it’s as good (or better) than psychotherapeutic medications!

Max Your Mind

One study found that a 5% increase in cardiovascular fitness led to a 15% boost in mental acuity (Illinois University)

Sleep Better

Outdoor exercise facilitates deeper, more restful sleep and reduces the time associated with falling asleep (Stanford University)

Immune Booster

Folks who rode 5 days a week for 30 minutes a day took half as many sick days as their sedentary comparison colleagues (University of North Carolina)

Heart Health

Regular cycling can reduce your risk of heart disease by 50% (Purdue University)

Lose Weight

Not only do you get the benefits of riding, but your metabolism gets a boost (and burns a greater number of calories than usual) for hours after you’ve finished.

More at the National Bike Challenge page